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Spring sunshine draws thousands to Prescott Bike Festival - 26/04/2011

Chris Mullins Tyres supporting Blood Bike charities - Click here to see images of the day

More than 5,000 motorcycling enthusiasts flocked to the inaugural Prescott Bike Festival near Cheltenham recently to run the famous Prescott Hill Climb and raise money for local blood bike charities.

Gloucester independent retailer Chris Mullins Tyres was part of the action, along with bike tyre wholesaler Cambrian Tyres, on a hugely successful day.

“As it was the first Festival of its kind no one really knew what to expect, “ says Chris Mullins, “but the response was phenomenal with thousands of bikers, families and friends enjoying a great day out in the sunshine.”

Chris and his bike tyre team support the work of the Severn Freewheelers, who operate a free blood bike service taking urgently needed medical supplies to hospitals and surgeries in the region. Their tyres are fitted and maintained at cost by Chris Mullins as the company’s contribution to the great work done voluntarily for the community by the Freewheelers.

“The idea of the Festival was to raise money for local blood bike services, including the Freewheelers, who operate on a totally voluntary basis. Although the final total hasn’t yet been announced I’m sure it will be a tremendous sum that will be a fantastic boost to keep the blood bikes going,” says Chris.

The company also used the event to promote its involvement with Bridgestone’s Bikers Club initiative which provides motorcyclists with information on recommended fitments, technical details and general news and information. Chris Mullins Tyres is a nominated Bikers Club fitting centre for Gloucester.

“Along with Cambrian, we were the only tyre company at the Festival, so we had a captive market of bike enthusiasts who take their tyres very seriously. We weren’t there to sell products but we made a huge number of new contacts which I’m sure will pay big dividends over the rest of the summer,” added Chris Mullins.

Prescott Bike Festival Click here for Link - 21-03-2011

The Prescott Bike Festival was born out of the need to raise funds for Severn Freewheelers and NABB. All proceeds go towards running that vital service. The Festival will celebrate all things motorcycle and our key attraction is the opportunity to ‘Run the Hill’. The Prescott Hill Climb track, owned by the Bugatti Owners Club, is one of the UK’s most prestigious Hill Climbs and rarely does the public get the chance to ‘Run the Hill’. Limited tickets are available so please book now!

But there’s lots more to the Festival, we’ll have trade stands, motorcycle manufacturers, leading racers, MCN babes, Fun Fair, Stunt Riders and so much more. The Festival is a real day out for all the family. We’d love to see you there.”

■You're chance to Run the famous Prescott Hill
■Things Money Can't Buy Charity Auction
■Racing Stars Run The Hill – see our Facebook page for latest riders
■Meet the Stars: John Reynolds (Suzuki); Chris Walker (Norton); Gary Mason (BSB Kawasaki), HM Plant Honda's 2006, 2007 and 2010 BSB Champion Ryuichi Kiyonari (yes, that's right); Jason O'Halloran the 2007 Australian Superstock Champion (HM Plant Honda BSB Superstock) and Richard Cooper, Hawk Racing/Buildbase BMW Motorrad Superstock Team.
■Not be missed race bikes including Capirossi's GP5
■Mobile Dyno Truck by TT Motorsports
■Custom & Vintage displays
■Some really special classic cars
■Stunt Starz Stunt Team
■Live Bands (The Tantrics and Supanaut)
■Suzuki Off Road Experience
■Bike Safe and Advanced Motorcycle Groups
■Training Schools and Get On
■Owners Clubs
■Ducati Sporting
■Lots and lots of trade stands
■Dancing Girls
■Great food & beer
■Formula One Simulator
■Every motorcycle manufacturer will be there
■See the new 2011 bikes
■Not to be missed Charity Auction
■Helicopter Rides
■Track record holder runs the Hill
■All the proceeds going to Blood Bike charities

Survey shows 80 per cent of people unhappy with Gloucester roads - 23-12-2010

The Gloucester Citizen, Monday, March 01, 2010

A NEW survey reveals that more than 80 per cent of people are unhappy over the condition of the city's roads.

Around 119 motorists were surveyed during January and February at the Chris Mullins Tyre centre, in Bristol Road, Gloucester. The research found that 86 per cent of drivers think that the cost of keeping a car on the road has risen over the past year, with higher fuel costs (91 per cent), maintenance (35 per cent), road tax (42 per cent) and insurance (39 per cent) being the major contributors to the hike. Only 16 per cent of motorists thought they would be in a position to change their vehicle over the next six months. Asked if they thought the economic recession was coming to an end, three quarters said 'no' or were unsure. Of the 23 per cent who thought the end of the recession was in sight; only one in five went on to say they were more optimistic about the economy for 2010.

Drivers were also asked if they felt well-treated by the local authorities when it comes to important issues such as the condition of roads, speed cameras and car parking charges. A huge majority (82 per cent) felt negatively about these matters, with almost 80 per cent unhappy with the condition of roads; 54 per cent saying that car parking was expensive and 34 per cent believing there are too many speed cameras.

Chris Mullins, owner of the business said: "Although the Government tells us that the recession is technically over, it's clear from this study that most drivers in Gloucester feel very differently on the subject.

"Motorists are understandably feeling the pinch when it comes to running their vehicles. Money is tight but that hasn't stopped fuel costs rising, along with other essentials like insurance, road tax and servicing."

Mr Mullins added that a clear statement has been made to the local authorities as a result of the survey.

"Gloucester's roads are notorious for pot holes and the severe weather this winter has made a bad problem even worse.

"The clear message to the authorities and agencies from this survey is that drivers aren't happy and expect better from those responsible for roads, car parking and speed cameras."

Gloucestershire County Council's Operation Road Rescue has meant that 10,000 pot holes around Gloucestershire have been filled since January.

The county's roads suffered huge damage after the cold snap in January, leaving a trail of about 90,000 potholes to repair. The highways team have been aiming to fill at least 500 potholes a day.

First snowfall prompts winter roads warning from Gloucester tyre expert - 23/12/2010

The first serious snows of winter have prompted a Gloucester motoring specialist to issue a driving alert, highlighting the roads that are most likely to cause traffic chaos during snowy and icy conditions.

Chris Mullins, of Chris Mullins Tyres on the Bristol Road in Gloucester, has identified seven routes in and around Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud that traditionally catch motorists out during the winter months. They are:

• Birdlip Hill and Nettleton Bottom
• Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham
• Horsepools Hill, Gloucester
• Frocester Hill, Stonehouse
• Toadsmoor Hill, Stroud
• Cowcombe Hill (A419) , Chalford , Stroud
• The Old Neighborhood , Chalford , Stroud

"You only have to listen to the traffic reports to know that these are the routes that are most affected each winter with the arrival of snow and ice. Most of us are not used to coping with these conditions so we regularly see the same roads causing accidents, hold-ups and delays," says Mr Mullins.

"The best advice we can offer is to avoid these areas if at all possible when the conditions are as bad as they are at present. If you cannot avoid driving, then leave extra time for the journey, travel outside of peak morning and evening times and keep a constant watch for drifting snow and black ice."

Another option to consider for drivers who use these and other snow and 
ice-affected routes are special cold weather tyres. They cope better with snow and ice because they are made with more natural rubber than standard tyres, allowing them to stay flexible when the temperature drops below the threshold of 7 degrees Celsius. This gives extra grip in cold, wet and icy conditions, resulting in significantly shorter stopping distances.
"In European countries like Austria and Germany it is compulsory for motorists to change over to winter tyres," says Chris Mullins. "While we do not get the extremes of weather found in those countries, there's no doubt that the new generation cold weather tyres do help keep people on the move in really tough driving conditions."

Regardless of the type of tyre used drivers must ensure they have sufficient tread depth to cope with the conditions. Worn tyres are less able to disperse snow and surface water, increasing the risk of aquaplaning in wet or slushy conditions.

Editor's note: the number of accidents caused by wet road conditions increases in winter by 267%. There are nearly 6,500 more accidents involving cars on the UK's roads in winter than there are in the summer months.
(source: Department of Transport Road Accident Statistics, 2003)

City tyre centre supports 'lifesaver in your pocket' national tyre safety campaign - 23/12/2010

A 20p coin can show if tyres need attention; free professional checks offered by
technicians at Chris Mullins Tyres

A city tyre centre is backing a national campaign running throughout October to improve tyre safety awareness among motorist

Chris Mullins Tyres of Bristol Road is supporting the TyreSafe* 'lifesaver in your pocket' campaign, which encourages drivers to insert a 20p coin into the main grooves of their tyres to check the tread depth. If the outer band of the coin is visible when inserted, the tyre may not have sufficient depth and should be checked by a qualified specialist.

According to TyreSafe statistics, 34 motorists died on the UK's roads last year where an illegal, defective or under-inflated tyre was a contributory factor in the accident. At least 900 other motorists were also injured in accidents where tyre neglect played a part.

"This is a really important campaign as we know from our own research that drivers are leaving it too late before they change their tyres," says Chris Mullins. "A study we carried out this summer showed that almost 77% of the tyres we examined were already worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm, which means safety is being compromised and drivers are risking prosecution."

Staff at the tyre centre will be advising motorists to use the 20p 'lifesaver' as a simple way of checking their tyres this winter and encouraging drivers to call into the centre at any time for a free professional check.

Independent research commissioned for the 'lifesaver' campaign by TyreSafe endorses the general lack of awareness about tyre safety standards. In the south west, only 45% of motorists identified 1.6mm as the correct legal minimum tread depth; 18% admitted to having never checked their tyre tread depth and a further 14% hadn't checked them in the last 6 months.**
"We're getting behind the campaign because we want Gloucester drivers to be among the safest in the country," says Chris Mullins. "Spending five minutes now to make sure your tyres are in good shape for the winter months has to make really good sense," he adds.

Why tyre safety is important

Tyresafe says: adequate tread depth is critical to safe motoring. The tread grooves are carefully designed to remove water from the road surface and keep the tyre in contact with the road. If the tread grooves are not deep enough, water cannot be moved resulting in a loss of grip and traction which can lead to longer stopping distances, reduced handling and an increased likelihood of aquaplaning.

More than a quarter of drivers surveyed by TyreSafe were unaware that they were more likely to suffer from aquaplaning with low tread and one in five drivers were unaware that they would take longer to stop in the wet or would not be able to go round corners as well.

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Spring sunshine draws thousands to Prescott Bike Festival
Prescott Bike Festival Click here for Link
Survey shows 80 per cent of people unhappy with Gloucester roads
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